Saturday, October 9, 2010

post hoc ergo propter hoc


Like the Latin implies, just because a first thing happens and then a second thing happens doesn't mean the first thing caused the second thing. Still, I'm a relatively self-aware spazz/romantic/dreamer/doer-type, and I can recognize that record player+interesting boy+road trip+new band lineup might be the form that this every-so-often "hey, you like to make music, jackass" reminder is taking. And yes, I'm wondering how to convince the Parents and the Marrieds to let me cut a square out of the closets that connect the blue room to my room so I can make a window from a studio to a control room, but first I have to admit that I need to MOVE on getting non-music-making things out of the blue room before any fun can be had in here.

I think I need a storage unit.

But, since I don't have a truck or a steady paycheck (yet), in lieu of a storage unit, I'm just continuing to get rid of stuff, including the desk.

Anybody want a desk?

(Never mind. We put it in the garage to use for PA storage now that other band is practicing out there.)

Also, I am cheating at this blog a bunch. I started writing this post a month ago and never finished (today is actually November 10, 2010). I moved a bunch of things around in that month and I didn't take pictures. I opened a few boxes, looking for things, and didn't document what I found or how I felt. I have strayed so far from the original box-a-day plan that last year seems a lifetime ago.

Still, a thought recently came to me, and that is that I sometimes have to live with a thing to learn how to use it. I have known for a while that I am a kinesthetic learner, and the experience of this project has given me plenty of opportunity to feel out how I want to use this space. Now that I know that I want it to be a creative working space, I can much more easily move toward that (another lesson I am continually learning: set goals or you end up treading water).

And with my 18-month unemployment hopefully, finally, coming to a close, I am motivated by the deadlines imposed by going to a job every day. And by the fact that it's 58 degrees in this house, and moving boxes will keep me warm.