Saturday, September 19, 2009

preliminarily considering lots of weird crap and toys

Not three days in and I'm already somewhat annoyed. Aches and pains, in the head a little, and the coffee tastes weird. But I'm a girl with a purpose, a woman on a mission, and I have 45 minutes before I have to move on to the next obligation, so let's get unpacking.

Today's goal is to finish assessing the boxes in the blue room so I can spend tomorrow moving things in here from the dining room. Some things I found include:

  • Cat toys, for the cat who can no longer come inside (stupid jerky pisser).
  • A tub of Legos. Should these go in the garage sale / donation boxes? For now, I put them with the other (people) toys.
  • A box of used cell phones to donate. I don't remember where to do this, though.
  • Partial contents of a previous utility drawer. Lots of useful stuff: tools, fuses, doodads and whizbangs. Looking forward to gathering all those types of things and keeping them in one place.
  • Posters. And posters. And so many flyers from shows. And posters from record stores. And then there's the NKOTB paraphernalia. Yikes. Can I sell it on eBay?
  • A real score! For my birthday 2007, along with my ability ring and a bunch of other goofy fun Hot Topic-y goodies, Jewbles (the brother-in-law) gifted me with a "hand-held gaming system" purse-style case. I had no hand-held gaming system at the time. But my new DSi fits perfectly! Cool!
  • A generic LITE-BRITE-type toy, lacking extra pegs, that still reads "The Spark" from our cd release party... in 2003. You know, I am probably too old for this reaction now, but whenever I think about getting rid of some of these toys, especially things that glow or blink or vibrate, I think "but these would be so fun on acid/ecstasy/mushrooms/etc." I put the LITE-BRITE-thing in the garage sale / donation box anyway.
  • Several trophies from middle and high school. You have to keep these, right? Right? Should they be displayed somewhere?
  • Exactly one garter holder thingie. There should be four. And I have no clue if there was ever a belt.

Consolidated a weird pile of knick-knacky things into two boxes of knick-knacky things. I love to display little mementos and pictures and funny convenience store items (Ol' Glory energy drink? Big Red soda?) but when I don't have enough room, I wish I had the nerve to smash them all.

Added a second garage sale / donation box. Full of weird crap. Should probably just toss it. A hazard of completing this box task publicly is that the "garage sale" stuff (anything weird or with unknown origins) has the potential to be recognized by a potential gifter who might, potentially, be hurt by my callous tossing of said gift. So here's this: if it's important and I've forgotten, please tell me. It takes a village to raise a woman.

The big question now is: what the heck is in these two huge tubs? Maybe sheets and towels and such? I thought I had unpacked all those. I'm pretty sure one of the containers used to have jackets and warm-making things in it, and maybe still does. We'll have to wait to solve the mystery, though, because tomorrow, all the dining room crap comes in here. I've organized the blue room so that the dining room boxes will go in front of all the knickknacky crap and the mystery boxes. Which is too bad, because there's finally room to move around in here:

the even more new and improved blue room

the less-impressive-but-still-tidier other side of the blue room

Still no spiders.

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