Sunday, October 18, 2009

fully distractable

"Inspired" by all the music-related crap that piled up yesterday, I am now going to attempt to whip some of that stuff into shape. First, I have to clear out at least one of these plastic drawer units.

yep, these again

I'm starting with the one on the left, because it's got music-related crap in it already. Convenient, no?

There's really not much in there. Some crafty things (which are currently crammed under my desk with the "computery" things), some garbage, and a bunch of cords, adapters, and musical devices:

my guitar case has a key?

I would like to note that the cd player seen in the preceding picture belongs to The Brother, who lent it to me in 2001. Obviously, I never returned it. Sorry, kid.

I would also like to note that My Flag is on Fire just hit my playlist, and I'm totally smitten with how Ty sounds just like Mac from Superchunk.

Moving on...

Today's session is quickly dividing itself into subsections: papers, instructions, and tools. I've got this box of zines from yesterday and this pile of papers from Sub-Project: Papers. I've got a pile of instruction books, notes from classes, and sheet music from lessons. And I've got widgets and wing-dings and cables and etc. These are the things on which I plan to concentrate today, things I hope to organize and store in these plastic drawer units.

I have to type it so I will know what I'm supposed to be doing. Sometimes it helps to think aloud.

(That should really be my mission statement here, shouldn't it?)

But, as soon as I sit back down to do the thing I just typed as a reminder for myself to do, I get distracted and sort through the papers anyway, finding old Spark set lists and tour itineraries.

Then I shred a bunch of mailing list sign-up forms and email printouts. And locate a bunch of important receipts for guitars and other gear with serial numbers. Including stuff that belongs to Eric Foreman (dude, the pile for you is getting larger by the day - you better bring your fiance down here for a visit real soon).

And I find one receipt for bass strings, purchased at now-defunct FSU Audio in 2001, signed by my now-deceased friend Marianne Psota. I'm just sentimental enough to hang on to that.

I'm supposed to go to the craft store with The Sister now to get fabric for curtains. Then I am going to attempt to (*gulp*) sew. So I'm leaving a half-finished Sub-Project: Music Papers, Instructions, and Tools and I'm going to put on pants and leave the house and hopefully not injure myself in the curtain-making process.

half-finished mess

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