Thursday, January 21, 2010

life is hard


You know it's a bad week when you take your sister's dead cat to the crematory on Sunday and then things get worse (sharing the details would be more of a pity party than I care to throw for myself).

One great thing happened today, though: we finished the tracking for the BLUNDERBUSST album.

So tonight I am celebrating and commiserating by "unpacking" a "box" of Ben&Jerry's. In bed.

the "box" and official box blog tool

the contents: cream, skim milk, liquid sugar, water, cherries, et al

the success: another empty box

the result: smiling, messy-haired girl

Hey, The Sister said it counts and that I could out her grammatically creative often misspelled rarely punctuated but still completely charming blog.

I'm gonna get better at this life thing someday. Until then, I'll be in bed. With ice cream.

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xjerryx said...

I highly recommend Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream. Best antidepressant ever!