Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the master list

While no one was looking (i.e., I didn't bother to take any pictures), I completed a mini-reorganization of the blue room, and also moved some furniture around. Nothing major, but in a project like this, periodically the project-doer has to make space for no other reason than making space can help a person figure out where s/he is within it.

(This is also true in an intellectual, emotional, and metaphysical sense: I have spent more time on the project lately because I'm not sure of my next life move.)

No specifics are necessary, and would be really really boring anyway, but the result is a clearer picture of what is finished and what needs doing.

So, what has yet to be unpacked and poked and prodded, now, would seem to be:

  • One very large blue tub of unknown contents
  • Five boxes (and an overflowing pile) of what we might loosely call "knick-knacks"
  • Two trunks of unknown contents
  • One medium-sized blue tub of notebooks
  • One bank box labeled "sentimementalos"
  • One bank box of political contents
  • One very large purple tub of assumed-to-be-ex-boyfriend-related contents
  • One small tub of jewelry
  • Three cardboard containers of posters
  • One bank box of photographs
  • One bank box of flyers
  • One small tub of instruction manuals
  • One five-piece drum kit
  • One small portable PA
  • One small guitar practice amp
  • One card table and accompanying folding chair 
  • One stepladder
  • One large stack of empty containers, tubs, and boxes
  • And one closet

In the closet, we will find:

  • A selection of instruments and musical equipment
  • Several boxes labeled "kitchen"
  • Two medium tubs of Christmas ornaments and other holiday decorations
  • One medium tub of t-shirts that no longer fit but might someday be made into a punk rock quilt
  • One medium tub of games and toys
  • One small tub of camping gear 
  • One sleeping bag
  • Two lawn chairs
  • One window fan
  • One bed frame
  • And between eight and ten boxes of books and toys from the collective childhoods of the Scaffidi children

Most of the boxes in the closet have already been assessed; for example, the ornaments and decorations belong in a closet. Same with the camping gear. All those instruments need a home. The sister and I recently discussed the need to revisit the Scaffidi childhood boxes, probably with the brother around, which is something we'll have to schedule. And I know I'm not going to unpack any more of those kitchen boxes in this house.

I could really use the space all those boxes are occupying.

There are also some things in other rooms that need to be integrated into the blue room:

  • One Peavey 15" bass cabinet (unpowered)
  • One busted SWR combo bass amp
  • One medium cooler
  • Three folding chairs

Some prioritizing is in order.

Looks to me like the key will be to continue delving into the items on what we're now going to call the master list (that first bulleted section above).

Which is really what I've been doing all along.

It helps to make lists, though, doesn't it?

In honor of this week's state primary, in the next post we'll investigate the contents of "One bank box of political contents."

For now, I'm just going to run around in circles in the big empty space in the middle of the blue room:



White Goodman said...

This comment has nothing to do with this particular entry. I just thought you might be interested in this. I sure was :)

jen scaffidi said...

Thanks for sharing! What a fun review! (I always thought the cover of Hot Pone Action was pretty dopey, too, but I was overruled.)