Friday, September 2, 2011

one bank box of political contents (part three)

Finally, at the bottom of the box, we've got two totebags full of mementos and junk from the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The sister, PKD, and I arrived as delegates, but when our credentials were ruled invalid by the Contest Committee (a result of the previously mentioned statewide delegate fiasco), we received guest passes. I spent four days wandering the arena looking for Anderson Cooper and booing whenever someone said "Nevada." PKD shot video of the police state outside and got to drive a Lexus. The sister sampled from all the snack bars. We attended a few Ron Paul campaign events and visited the Mall of America.

The sister posted a fun and snarky photo account of our time in St. Paul. Disclaimer: I do NOT love John McCain. 

guests of fascists, anyway
Now, on to the remainder of the box contents, which include:

  • An official RNC frisbee.
  • Three official RNC DVDs, unopened, marked "Urgent information for Delegates and Alternates." Whoops.
  • Creepy end times propaganda.
  • Two pickle hats I acquired from a man wearing a pickle costume in the middle of the park near the convention center:
i have an extra one if you want to be twinsies
  • RP paraphernalia:
is it too late to put this on my car?
for the discerning party guest
conservatives: not great with puns
  • The sign we made when we discovered we were live on MSNBC:
i bet she still has us Tivo'd
  • Souvenirs from the Office of Blame, a booth I stumbled into while on the hunt for Anderson Cooper:

there was a phone for registering complaints. i was confused.
  • A card from Rayna, the supercool lady we met when we invaded rented most of her house for the weekend. We still keep in touch with her. She's the best Craigslist find ever:
hi rayna!
  • A BROCHURE FROM WHITE CASTLE! YUM! Oh, and the receipt. Proof we did, indeed, purchase the 30-count Crave Case:
see the sister's photos for a minute-by-minute
documentation of our WC adventure
don't judge. we'd do it again in a second.
and so would you.
  • Other schwag:
now there's a slogan i can support!
i thought we had a picture of PKD with this guy, but i can't find it

  • And the creepiest confetti I have ever seen:
At last this box is empty. From the piles and piles, I've saved only a short stack of informational materials and notes, which have found a home on the bookshelves near the textbooks. Time will tell if I need the information more than I need the space, and like many things in this experiment, I fully expect to find this stack once more, and whittle it even further into oblivion.

Before that happens, I wonder if I'll change my voter registration again...

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