Monday, September 21, 2009

i'm surprised you got rid of so many

A short day here at the box blog project headquarters, as I'm feeling under the weather and have many non-box tasks to complete before the Tupperware party on Wednesday (yes, that is the impetus behind this insanity, and please shut up now). All today's goals were living room-related, and have since been accomplished:

  • Put yesterday's boxes of Tupperware in blue room closet
  • Move yesterday's boxes of books to corner of blue room
  • Pack rogue Christmas decorations and tree stands
  • Consolidate empty milkcrates and non-cardboard containers in one place
  • Consolidate suitcases and purses in one place
  • Move card table into blue room
  • Break down empty boxes
The stacks of empty boxes around here are surely a sign of boxy insanity, and I thought it time to dispose of the useless offenders. Anything bent or with a weird shape or without a lid saw the business end of my box cutter (a tool I'm rarely allowed to employ) and can now be found in the driveway waiting for Trash Night. I kept anything that had styrofoam inside (like the box for my beloved PS2) and the sturdier models, like bank boxes.

Of course, The Sister has already pilfered two of these boxes and I'm worried I won't have enough. Enough for what, I don't know, but she walked by taunting "I'm surprised you got rid of so many." Have I been too hasty? If we had packing tape, I'd probably be outside right now, rebuilding boxes and freaking out over where I'm going to put them. But no. This project is about "ruthlessly disposing of the unnecessary." Or something.

With all the preliminary box-jockeying out of the way (most of my stuff is now here, in the blue room, with me), I can start on the real meat of the project. I think tomorrow I may begin The Bookshelf.

Would you believe that I've seen nary a box-dwelling spider yet?



Amy said...

did you ask if you could post proof of my compulsive lying problem? cause i can't imagine i'd say no. but that day was seezy.

jen scaffidi said...

That day was WHAT now?