Tuesday, September 22, 2009

this bud's for you

I go back and forth. Today is one of those days when I want to live alone. After cleaning weird grimy gross gunk for eight hours, people are too much to take. So I lock myself up in the blue room and begin Sub-Project: The Bookshelf halfheartedly; will I ever plant myself somewhere I'll also want to plant my books?

Sub-Project: The Bookshelf (Stage One) involves taking things off the shelves. Time will tell what, exactly, goes back onto them. Books? Records? Photo albums? Gear? There's a Sub-Project: Organize Music (Media) in my future, but tonight I just group cds by shape (jewel cases, digipacks, no cases, and so on).

Here's a question for anyone who's ever created a tangible product for sale: what did you do with the hundreds of leftover pieces that didn't sell? In this case, I'm speaking of The Spark EP Sound the Alarm. I decide to toss the burned copies we distributed before the real discs were pressed, along with the spare jackets and inserts. I box the remaining legitimate copies and stare at the box for a while.Then I scratch my head and move on.

In fact, in keeping with the ruthlessness I've promised, I'm tossing lots of cds. Demos from people seeking booking. Stuff people gave me on tour. The Salvation Army's annual Christmas brass album. (Why did I have three copies of this? Why???) If I haven't listened to it by now, I probably won't listen to it later. If I can't sell it or give it away, I'm throwing it in the garbage. And hoping this doesn't mean I'm not a "real" musician.

I am keeping things such as discs marked "jen's mp3s 1-6-05" just to see what they are when I attempt Sub-Project: Organize Data. You know, sometime next year.

In the Venn Diagram of the total project, Data and Music overlap at that magical place, the mix cd, and I find more tonight. Are you the person who gave me Built to Spill, Hot Snakes, Lush, and Wire, along with a mix of things like Boss Hog and the Jesus Lizard? Oh wait! I bet you are Bob-Robert. Bob-Robert, if you are reading this, I ignored these gifts when you gifted them to me, but I am so so so excited to see them now. Thank you.

 Why do I have so many of these? 
Why can't I throw them away?

Whoa. My microscope. A gift (possibly a hand-me-down) from an aunt and uncle, several years before I was old enough to use it. And then, suddenly, I was too old to use it. I've thought about hunting it down and busting it out before, but now that I've found it, I kinda don't want it. Hmm.

Needing space to navigate has become a problem. The closet is occupied, but it is, by no means, organized. Simply tidy. I keep cramming things into it to make room to work, but this strategy has reached the limit of its usefulness. Large items, like my Boss GT-3 guitar effects processor, have no home. Smaller items, like the cassettes I've just unearthed, can't be shelved because the cassette boxes are stored behind something I just crammed into the closet. Grrr.

This is the second time I've found this envelope addressed to Jess in Dominica. The first time I found it, she'd already moved back to the States. She's been to my house at least three times since then. FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL (hey Jess, remember to pick this up next time you're here, ok? It's only Sister stickers and such, but maybe the note inside is cool? Probably not.) 

The other night, Amy found a certificate for "two hours of my time." There's no expiration date on it, so I told her it was still valid. Tonight I find this gem, which proves that a promise from a friend really has no expiration:

she came all the way to Carson City to make good

Once upon a time, way back in the year 2000 or 2001, Eric Foreman and I were drinking at The Zephyr (shocking). We weren't dating at the time, and we were both celibate, so it was pretty funny when he peeled off his beer label, intact, and handed it to me. (You all remember what this means, right? Check out what the kids aren't really doing these days instead.) Anyway, I saved it, and had planned to present him with it on our wedding night:

this bud's for you, eric foreman

It breaks my heart a little to throw it away now, but I know that we weren't meant to be together forever. Besides, it's been almost three years, and we're doing just fine as friends. He's happier, and at least I feel better knowing I'm not making him miserable.

Sub-Project: The Bookshelf (Stage One) complete:

before and after


J3SS said...

dude. microscope me. seriously. I can put that thing to good use. I could do your bloodwork (not chemistries, but totally a hematology panel) with that. how much? (seriously)


J3SS said...

PS: I'll remember the envelope one of these days...am certain the note inside is worth reading! <3

I'm JEN SCAFFIDI said...

If you bring me something baked and/or knitted when you come to get your envelope, and let me borrow it whenever I want, the microscope is all yours.

J3SS said...

bitchin. am assuming crocheted counts? how about some more knitted / crocheted baked goods? cupcakes, toast scarf, bear claws?

I'm JEN SCAFFIDI said...

Totally. Except now I'm hungry. But yes. The important part was really the "you come here and get stuff please bring presents" part.