Wednesday, September 23, 2009


When a person launches a project such as this one, one may not fully comprehend the concept of every day. I certainly did not, at least, not until tonight. Several days of cleaning culminated in one fun and friendly Tupperware party and then the realization that oh crap! I have to unpack something and write! Even though I have to get to bed so I can wake up early for a job interview! Damn!

Fortunately, I have several "big boxes with little contents" to help me out.

So this was more like I had originally thought this project would be like: one box, one day, one post. Today's box contained fireworks. Illegal fireworks (maybe... I think it might only be illegal to buy or sell fireworks in our county, but not illegal to possess them). Anyway, eight packages of sparklers, a few dozen ground blooms, a good-sized box of l'il dynamites, and one big-ass "torrential" something-or-other have been not nearly taking up all the space in a big office-type bank box, so I moved all but the big-ass one into an empty shoe box (bright blue Converse All-Stars, worn in The Sister's wedding, if you're curious) where they now take up far less space.

I tend to buy fireworks (in Schurz, NV, on the way home from Phoenix or Vegas) that are beyond my capabilities as a lighter of fireworks: ask the terrified people who watched me light a canister as it was still in my hand last New Year's. So this big-ass thing I got and had planned to light on New Year's, then my birthday, then the Fourth of July, but I kept chickening out. I'm partially afraid of blowing myself up, but I think I'm more afraid of getting arrested. So there it sits, now in the top of my closet, waiting for a national holiday to line up with my bravery.

For the curious, here are some after pics of the living room and dining, now 100% box-free:

dining room


living room

Compare these rooms to the same rooms just a few days ago and be amazed. I am.


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