Wednesday, September 30, 2009

penultimate paper pushing

Damn. I thought today would see me filing the last of the papers, but I guess it takes longer to shred 10 years of documents than I originally thought it would, because I am still not done. Granted, we had something of a mini-disaster here when I backed into the garbage can and sent paper dust and shredder leavin's all over myself, the floor, the table, the files, the desk, and the tiny dog. So I spent a good chunk of working time vacuuming that mess.

Which is fine, because at least that experience gave me something exciting to report. The rest of today's project session was terribly terribly boring.

Shredded many car-related documents. I kept receipts for anything more exciting than an oil change and ditched everything else. It's not like the car runs right now anyway.

Agreed with some previous Sub-Project:Papers incarnation of myself and kept most of the school transcripts and letters of recommendation I found. I figure it can't hurt to have those, plus it's good for a girl to read some letters of recommendation when she's feeling a little unsure of herself (ahem). Did you know I scored 1180 on my SAT?

Purged all the bills, receipts, fax cover sheets, physical therapy prescriptions, false diagnoses, and useless reports from my neck injury five years ago. I kept the very important things (like the actual diagnosis and the one where the radiologist suggested I had cancer) and all the worksheets for all the stretches I avoided. The pain of Degenerative Disc Disease sounds far worse than it really is, and I will live with it until I die, but today I feel stronger, lighter, faster, and braver for having come through that entire ordeal in one piece.

I'm gonna go move my body into some yoga poses or jog myself around the living room in celebration now.

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