Thursday, October 1, 2009

ok, what next?

Goodbye, Harley-Davidson Financial Services! Man, it felt pretty good to shred everything except my separation paperwork. Woo!

Technically, Sub-Project: Papers is now complete. I'm hedging that statement for two reasons.

One, the receipts and manuals folder is too cumbersome to keep in a box of files and I think maybe it needs a storage solution of its own. Even with the mountain of empty storage containers at my disposal, there is no appropriately sized vessel, so that'll have to wait.

And two, I found three folders of band-related things like email list sign-up sheets and who-knows-what-else. Not sure the file box is the appropriate place for that stuff either, and I think most of it may get tossed, but I want to wait until I've accumulated all the band-related paperwork to tackle those folders.

I so wanted to at least illustrate today's post with before and after photos but I left my DSi at a friend's house and thus cannot take the after photos.

However, while organizing the Taxes file, I found this note from my Dad, which is seriously awesome:

Everything else I encountered today is bo-ring, but we've got a blank slate for tomorrow. I can't decide where to start.