Thursday, October 22, 2009

"no sun!"

While Operation: Bedroom Electronics is on hiatus, I decided today was a good day to go old school: just one box and its mystery contents.

today's box

We can assume that, since it states "no sun!" so threateningly, there's probably tape media of some kind within. Let's see...

can you believe that the box cutter is hidden somewhere in a box?

Oh yes! I'm so excited I could maybe pee! A cd wallet full of things I love! (Menomena! The National! Eric Burn's Decemberists mix! Unwound!) 



  • Zip disks with The Spark EP artwork
  • A mini-disc recording of The Spark at the Stork Club in 2003 
  • A Maxell Hi8MP tape. Is this a video tape? How do I play it?

please help?
And...a cache of cassette tapes, including:

  • ICS day albums
  • Several tapes of four-track recordings of Spark and solo ideas
  • The entire Narcissistic Freds discography, including unreleased tracks (for those of you who don't know, I played bass and sang backups in the Freds, a poppy punk band, from 1993 through 1997, until we broke up and formed Crushstory)
  • A recording, on a Fisher-Price tape, of my 6th birthday:

still fancy at a party, i guess

And, most importantly of all:


(I almost cried a little.)
(And then I called The Sister and she got really excited, too.)

birthdays haven't been the same since we lost you

I was really hoping to find The Twilight Project DAT tape (a different band of mine, circa 1999), but I now fear it's gone forever.

On a related note, I had the volume up on my DSi while I was taking pictures today, and the music that plays while the camera app is enabled is really fun!


Snatchattractor said...

You know, I used to have one of those thingies where you could pop an 8mm tape into a VHS tape and watch it, but I have no idea where it is. So this comment is pointless. Sorry.

jen scaffidi said...

You officially suck, then.

Gina said...

Hi8 IS video. You can have it transferred to a DVD at your local photo lab/other kind of full-service lab. We charge $29.99, tops.

Score on the mixed tapes! Those are precious.