Wednesday, October 21, 2009

fits and starts

Some days go smoother than others, and today was one of those not-really-smooth days. In between the imperative (looking for a job and fighting with the State of Alaska Insurance Licensing Division) and the mundane (eating and bathing), I managed to get myself part of the way into Operation: Bedroom Electronics.

Further complicating (i.e., impeding) the process is my new laptop, which arrived yesterday and has been test-piloted all over the house and at all hours of the night. Distracting, certainly, although its existence is allowing me to post this while watching a rerun of CSI in my bed, and that does not suck.

Before I could complete today's mission, The Sister came home with a headache; I gave up the noisy work of moving furniture and assembling stereo components. Then my reading tutor-ee showed up for his first lesson and I gave up on today's mission altogether.

I'm glad for the delay, though, because I decided I want to sew (I love sewing now!) a runner for the new shelving unit thing and I still have to talk PKD into converting the TV into a fully operational video game situation. In the meantime, he kindly lifted the big-ass TV onto the bookcase for me (and then killed an ugly ugly bug with his bare hands).

I also cleared off the new shelving unit thing and dragged it into the bedroom. While it's waiting for its new runner and old stereo pieces, it makes a mighty convenient place to stash a laptop.

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