Tuesday, October 13, 2009

sexy new bookshelves


The new bookshelves are here! The new bookshelves are here!

After testing several locations and configurations, they made their home under the window.

hmm, need to make new curtains
(and maybe buy a real camera)

This furniturial development necessitated moving my drums into the living room. This sucks a little; I like to keep my mess from spilling out into the common rooms. But, The Sister is already annoyed about some other stuff that I didn't do, so I'm taking advantage of her already bad mood to do this inconsiderate thing now and then I will apologize when she eventually leaves her bedroom.

[Several minutes after writing this, she came into the blue room to ask me why I had exiled my drums. She said they looked sad, like they'd been made to sit in the corner for being bad. Then she acted out her anthropomorphic empathy. So I guess she's not mad.]

Back to Sub-Project: Music, and along the lines of what we were talking about yesterday, I HATE HATE HATE it when I find a friend's album still in the shrink wrap. Oof, that feels awful. Sorry, The Cushion Theory.

Now here's that Cordial album I mentioned the other day. Isn't this packaging beautiful? It folds up quite cleverly. I adore it. And, I just discovered, my copy is number four of 1000. That makes me feel cool.

side one

side two

Tripping over the lines drawn by friends (see yesterday's comments), I now have a box full of cds I know I don't want or won't listen to. I expect to put more discs in there as the Sub-Project progresses. I feel pretty good about this; it supports my need for "clean slating." I've also left myself plenty of unknown things to explore. In fact, I'm ripping a huge stack of such right now. And let me tell you: it's boring as hell.

However, sorting piles into other piles eventually yielded the revelation that any cd in a slimline case without artwork (burned or otherwise) could be ripped to the digital realm and stored on a spindle for backup. Yee-haw!

spindle full of things uncle marty identified as "required listening"

And in the quest to catalog everything in this pile of cds without artwork (burned or otherwise), I came across a blank DVD that wouldn't play. Thank goodness PKD walked by at just that moment: he pushed some buttons and directed reminded me to install VLC, and with that I found a useless copy of The Bishop's Wife (a family holiday favorite) which I can now toss. But now I have installed VLC! Yay me!

In addition to that goodness, he also said he would help me track down all the missing iTunes albums.

Did I mention this cd ripping pile of blah is super boring and ack! Ok, I'm done here. See you tomorrow.

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J3SS said...

yay for uncle marty! and for vlc!