Tuesday, October 20, 2009

there's a big-ass TV in here

Apparently, now I am tackling my bedroom. This is accidental. The only boxes in my room contain records and the record player I ordered in May 2008 and never unpacked, but this is not what moved me to retool the space. I have been motivated by the laundry.

Specifically the arduous, heinous, abominable task of putting away the laundry.

It started with the seasonal closet purging of unworn items. I had been, well, fantasizing about this for a few weeks, so it was easy enough: I tossed anything that no longer fits or hasn't seen the light of day in over a year.

Then I put the clean clothes away into the closet. With much grumbling and annoyance and stomping out to the garage for extra clothespins to hold wide-necked shirts to too-narrow hangers, all the clean clothes got put away.

Then I organized the clean clothes in the closet by type: short-sleeved blouses and t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, button-up shirts, dresses. Why do I have so many black t-shirts?

Then I tidied up all the bins of non-hang-up-able items: underpants, socks, tank tops, sweaters, pants, tights, pajamas. This bin-based system really helps me to not be a major clothes pile type slob. Which is to say, I sort piles of clothes into smaller piles of clothes, which I then place into these bins so as to appear somewhat non-slob-like. There's a bin for each type of clothing, and since the bins are larger than drawers, I don't have to fold anything that goes into them.

Then I put the bins away in the closet. My goal is to keep the bins in the closet, but somehow they always creep out into the room when I'm using them and never quite get put away. But after I huffed and I puffed and I crammed them on top of each other, they made a home inside the closet.

Then I stood there, surveying my accomplishments, and I thought: I did all this work already; eff it, I'm just going for it.

So I stripped the bed and washed the sheets and blankets and dusted all the furniture and put away all the books and movies and cds that had accumulated and vacuumed and when the dust had settled, I realized: there's a big-ass TV in here.

big-ass TV

A few months ago, I mentioned aloud, to no one in particular, that I thought I might enjoy watching the cable channels in my bedroom (everyone loves a little Food Network before bed, yeah?). Two days later, brother-in-law Jewbles delivered a cable-ready television.

I didn't think I had any furniture upon which to place it, but I think the laundry initiative finally birthed a solution:

I'm going to put the TV on this bookcase...

...and put the stereo on this piece...

...right after I clear it off and put it on this wall.

Yes, one of my walls is wallpapered with biplanes. No, I didn't choose the pattern. The house came with the biplane wallpaper, and The Sister refuses to help me remove it. And if she won't help me, well, then nobody will help me.

Anyway, I'm hoping that with the stereo on the one piece and the TV on the other, there might just be room for the record player, and then I can unpack my records!

So until next time, my friends...


Gina said...

You have accomplished a lot. Good luck with the next step!

Snatchattractor said...

Dude, the biplane wallpaper ROCKS! Don't EVER get rid of it. Or ELSE.