Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today's box might be the box equivalent of what Rory refers to as "throat clearing." In writing, I believe, this refers to a weak opening thought, one that doesn't make the point or grab the reader the way a better, more thoughtfully crafted opening might. Box-wise, this box isn't valuable or important or attention-grabbing. But I need things, and I think these things are in this box, so this is what I'm doing today.

This box, as you might deduce, is one of several that I have employed during this project. These boxes, these halfway houses of cardboard, these way stations of storage, these cartons of crap, they contain things I have uncovered but which do not yet have a home. Things like batteries and tape measures, which I really need immediately, to power my overdrive pedal and measure some shelves, respectively.

This need provides me an excellent opportunity to begin assembling my utility drawer, which I will not picture here because I'm certain you're tired of seeing photos of my plastic drawer units.

This need also means that many things taken out of this box may have to go back into this box until such time as I find a home for them. But instead of despairing over rework (which I hate), we will rejoice in the small progress we are making, and in the rediscovery of the label-maker, again.

And in the opportunity to organize the leftover contents into other temporary box-piles, like sentimementalos, craft stuff, manuals, and stuffed animals.

While we're on the subject, what is the rule about adults and stuffed animals? Some things we just have to keep, right? Like childhood relics, thoughtful gifts, or the weird things that Jewbles, the Savant of Crane Machinery, rescues from the claw machines? This is one of those times I need advice and anecdotes. Tell me about your adult stuffed animal rules, please.

While you do that, I will assign additional subdivisions of organization to include jewelery, bathroom items (mostly of the lip balm variety), guitar picks, BBs (not that I have an operational BB gun, of course), and "things for display."

I can not, however, bring myself to sort through the bag of loot from last year's Scheels VIP event, so I will put it back in this box of "um, huh?" and then put all the utility items away and go to bed.

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Snatchattractor said...

It's 100% okay for adults to have stuffed animals, IMHO.