Sunday, January 3, 2010

and tomorrow, success

When I started today's project, I said to the sister, "I think today's post is just going to be all about me wandering around the house, scratching my head and trying to solve the problem of where to put the donation / garage sale stuff." But then she solved the problem by saying, "Let's just have The Army come and pick it all up tomorrow."

I thought: no way, I want to sell some of this stuff. Some of this stuff is worth selling! There's computer parts in here! And a garage sale sounds so fun!

But with each trip up and back down the hall, dragging the boxes back to the dining room from the blue room, her idea sounded better and better, until finally I said, "Ok! Ok. What time are you coming with the van?"

So if you have been following the box blog project and have seen photos or heard mention of something you'd like to own, now's your chance to comment below and claim something.

The only things I have retrieved from the donation pile are two purses (Hello Kitty and Winter 2006-2007) that I decided I wasn't ready to discard, and my GWAR shoes, which I don't remember tossing into the pile (and which I need every November, thank you very much).

If these boxes get out of the house without me removing anything else, I think I can claim this a success.

temporary dining room storage

This is what the blue room looks like tonight:

northeast quadrant

southeast quadrant

southwest quadrant

northwest quadrant 

But I'm not sure where I'm going to start tomorrow...

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