Saturday, January 2, 2010

happy war (christmas is over)

Today I felt like I had to clean up my room before I started on any other rooms. I also washed the fish, watched a bunch of History Channel crap about the Seven Deadly Sins, balanced my checkbook, put all the important dates in my new planner up through March, and ate a banana. Obviously I was stalling, and if you look at yesterday's pictures, I think you can imagine why I might not have been super stoked to get going.

Since today is Christmas-themed boxes, here is a picture of a box I received for Christmas:

inside I found a "snack" of the best game I've ever played for DS

 I also got these, in this box:

hello, curly bouncy hair

I took some pictures of Christmas decorations, including one of my inflatable Christmas tree (the hardest thing to put away), but they all came out too blurry to share. To bad for you!

But now the decorations are all away and tomorrow I can start on clearing  path in the blue room. Yay.

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