Thursday, January 7, 2010

file folders, perhaps?

Sometimes, just the act of labeling something makes all the difference in organization. However, labeling and then relabeling causes frustration and wasted labelmaker tape, which isn't cheap. So let me play the role of advisor here and say: if you're consolidating things from a pile into containers, make sure the things in the pile fit into the containers before you label the containers. Otherwise, you might get mad and swear.


As it turns out, I have a sort of stupid amount of file folders. Especially for someone who keeps all their important paperwork in a shoebox-sized firesafe, and everything less important else in a box the size of a milkcrate, even 100 file folders is too many. I suspect I've taken some from every job I've ever had, or where else would they all have come from? If you need file folders, call me, because I can hook you up.

I have retained what I believe to be a more sane amount of folders and the rest will be donated, which means they'll be sitting in the dining room for a few weeks until The Sister makes me throw them out. I'm not kidding: call me if you want some.

The under-desk is now of acceptable cleanliness, and the plastic drawer unit that I cleared out back in the fall now has stuff in it again (and would you believe, some of the same stuff? this project is stupid). And these drawers are now labeled according to their contents.

labels and drawers

These four boxes to the right are the box with the cable modem doodads, the box full of 5¼ floppy discs, a box for software I may have never used, and the box for the motherboard of my desktop computer. I am going to do something with them tomorrow:


I am also going to do something about this corner tomorrow:

friday's mess

For tonight, I am going to take comfort in completing this small task. Kitty is still breathing and an overdue explanation has been made. This is all I can do for today.

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