Wednesday, January 6, 2010

this end of the house

Because of all the upheaval around here, I am craving human interaction and not enjoying spending time alone. Normally, an hour or two down the "quiet" end of the house is a pleasant escape from all the idiots and assholes who roam our shoddy halls, but, normally, I don't need to be in constant contact with The Sister, sitting by the fire and watching near-death kitty breathe in and out.

It's putting a crimp in my box blog plans (as well as the rest of my life). Sleep is difficult, so I'm not thinking clearly, but I also have large chunks of time in the middle of the night with nothing to do and no one to talk to.

Seems like a good time to clean and/or organize some non-sentimental things, so tonight I am going to do something about this:

under the desk
(and yes, i busted out my cheapie digital camera for this: 
i, too, tired of blurry DSi images)

During the first phase of the project, things were shuffled around and other things had no home. This is where I have been stashing things deemed "desk things" or "paper things" or "computer things." I've touched all this stuff already, so I'm not expecting any of those exciting surprise finds of joy or sorrow here (partly why I choose this "box" at this time). Here we go.

  • Brainteasers for Dummies should totally go in the bathroom. With a pencil.
  • Stacks of cds, both music and data are now divvied up into their respective formats. We'll see the music cds again when we return to that particular sub-project, though since most of them were of an archival nature, I've at least taken the time to organize them by project (BLUNDERBUSST, The Spark, solo work, Wax Models, home recording projects, and so on). We'll see the data cds and the "what the hell are these?" discs when we launch sub-project: data.
  • The Sister and I have agreed to keep all the crafty things in the den (which is her version of the blue room) until we can organize them together or until I leave and take my crap with me. The things I found under the desk are now in a box in the dining room until I have her help me navigate through the maze of furniture and sewing machines and trampolines and whatever else she keeps in there. 
  • Ok, I lied. Exciting surprise! I found both my Adobe Acrobat and my Photoshop CS installation discs. I know there are newer versions of both, but these will tide me over until I get the real tools onto my laptop. Cool.
  • Oh wait, no. Problems installing Photoshop are making me sleepy. So I'm going to troubleshoot them in my bed and then try to sleep and finish this tomorrow. Damn it.
  • Oh wait, I fixed it faster than I thought I would. Damn it some more.
  • Hey! I found the BLUNDERBUSST work demo! Now we can finish the album! Awesome!
  • Here is a shoebox full of 5¼ floppy discs and zip discs. What do I do with these?

    artifacts from another age
  • And here is a stack of documents related to my desktop PC, including a printout of some virus-slaying instructions (dated 1-26-2004) on which I have written "you learned patience in painting, now learn it in dating." I don't paint. Neither have any of my ex-boyfriends. Huh?
  • Oh happy day! Extra printer paper!
  • And one final box, full of postcards. Fifteen or 20 years worth of postcards. I always wanted to do something with these. Like clip them with mini clothespins to twine and hang them from the ceiling. For now I will put them with the photo albums and similar. But... what's your best idea for displaying these?

a select few

The under-desk space is now tidier but this is a two-part episode so no picture for you for now. To be continued tomorrow.

However, before I go, can I just say, while listening even to the really rough tracks: The BLUNDERBUSST record is going to be really really good.


Rory said...

The postcards (and maybe the computer artefacts) could be made into a collage on posterboard, then framed? That could actually be really cool.

J3SS said...

can we laminate the postcards and make a quilt? or what rory said...although if they're going to be collaged, can we shellac the hell out of them once they're together to give a deep gloss finish to make them a cohesive whole?