Saturday, January 9, 2010

greasy girl and her sidekick stand-around

Faithful reader J3SS came to Carson City today to help diagnose my car woes. She was cheerful and knowledgeable and hardly swore very much at all even though she was cold and Saturn puts the alternator on the S Series in a totally annoying place. She's so rad, she didn't even try to brain me with the thing after we dragged it to Kragen to have it tested and it works just fine.


While she worked, I cleaned out the trunk (which is shaped like a box and she said so) and found:

  • A sleeping bag (which needs to be dry cleaned before and it can go away with the camping stuff, so for now it stays in the trunk).
  • An unabridged Webster's dictionary, about five inches thick (which I keep in the trunk for settling arguments).
  • A really old, gross Tupperware-type thing (garbage).
  • Yes, more fireworks (away with the fireworks).
  • Hey! That's where all the Mason jars went (dishwasher).
I know it's not a lot, but I'm pretty tuckered out from passing wrenches and heating up snacks (and feeling like an asshole for asking her to help me in the first place). We're going to try diagnosing the thing tomorrow, so maybe I will get some photos of my personal superhero Greasy Girl in action as we work on the box-shaped engine.


Snatchattractor said...

If only I were an artist, I would draw the cover to that comic book.

J3SS said...

aawww!! you are SO not an asshole. promise. it's good to know what thee problem isn't,, and it prompted your memory on all the original symptoms (which I didn't know before). a good day's work (although cold...tomorrow I shall wear more layers underneath the same greeezeee hoodie).

much love, jen.

PS my captcha is "feepo" which sounds like a japanime word for fart.

jen scaffidi said...

he! i'm going to use it all the time.