Sunday, January 10, 2010

guest post: snatchattractor

J3SS is waiting until the fog and rain clears up to work on my car some more. Doing nothing but nothing all day has made me sleepy. Instead of half-assing it in the blue room, I turned to our regular reader and commenter Snatchattractor and asked him to compose a box-related haiku as a guest post:

Her box is empty
She need it to be filled up
For satisfaction

Hmmm... the typo is intentional (well, I left it there intentionally). The subject matter is provocative.  This post is done.

(Good thing my mom doesn't read this blog, geez!)

1 comment:

Snatchattractor said...

Me Snatchattractor, you pretty lady! Me talk like caveman because of beer, IM, and TV!