Wednesday, May 26, 2010

spring clean-up begins

It looks worse than it is. Really.


The blue room is still mostly organized.


The stuff all over the dining room table is mostly beads from making necklaces for the will this knife release.


The sister did something in the den or went looking for something or something and now all my craft supplies are sort of spread throughout the house, but at least they are mostly still in boxes.


Mostly I'm looking at piles of crap that need to become stacks of crap in the blue room.

Damn it.

(drags crap down the hall. stacks crap in the blue room.)

The sister brought home a new bookshelf for me a few months ago, and it's just been hanging out on the front walk all this time. It deserves to come inside.

yes, that's the door panel to my 1997 Saturn SC2 on the left.
what's your point?

(drags bookshelf down the hall.)

(well, the sister shows up after I drag it into the house alone but not before I get it down the hall. so she comes home to "you wanna get in the house? help me with this.")

The other night, during her den-cleaning project, she also accidentally gave me two rolling drawer units, which need a home and a purpose.

(drives drawers around in circles through the house in an attempt to express love of and appreciation for them.)

now what?

Somewhere during this annoying dragging-and-driving escapade, I find something useful.

three-hole punch!

The next installment of this series will involve actual opening and cataloging of box contents, so help me god.

However, speaking of junk and spring cleaning and such: there's a RUMMAGE SALE on Saturday, June 5, 2010 at Carson City Republican HQ. The proceeds from the sale are going to help PKD and I attend the Leadership Institute's Public Relations School this fall. If you have things to donate, let me know and I will arrange to pick them up!

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