Friday, June 4, 2010

she's crafty, and she's just my type

boxes 5, 6, and 7 of 8

I'm cracking up at the box labeled current projects, as I believe these projects were current in 2002. Evidence? This sweatshirt that I had planned to make into a Spark shirt for Eli Abrego. Who is now, like, in college. Der.

aw, 3T

Underneath that, we've got:

  • More gift bags and boxes
  • A giant pair of cotton underpants, which I can only imagine was meant for a piggy days-of-the-week underpants project
  • Colored tissue paper
  • Foam stamps of moons and planets
  • A huge bag of wire and beads which appears to be a "snowflake" project in the works:


  • And sixty (yes, Amy, sixty) hot glue sticks
You may not be aware, but we have developed something of a plague of hot glue around here the past year or two. I've unearthed two hot glue guns so far, and the sister has unearthed her share as well. We can't figure out how we ended up with so many guns and sticks, but if we ever need to arm a brigade of crafters, well, the artillery is here.

The box marked paper is, of course, just paper, but with a few extra surprises:

  • More foam paper
  • Transparency sheets
  • Plain white matte board!
  • Probably 100 pages of photocopied pictures of me, from covers for the Live on KZSU EP, plus all the blank cover sheets
  • Packages of paper with dopey sports- or Christmas-themed borders and a package of pre-cut business cards, which I will almost certainly never use
  • A rejected print of an etching I made, like, a million years ago

  • This amazing notepad find:

And in the laminator box, would you believe I found the laminator? Also, a box of zip-top sandwich bags, some letter beads, hooks and buckets for a pegboard display, and the old Gypsy Sisters business cards:

number no longer in service

And finally:

box 8 of 8

I know there are silkscreen supplies within, most of which are too old to keep. At least, I assume 15-year-old printer ink and emulsion is not worth keeping. There are other questionable items, too: a measuring spoon and cup for mixing chemicals, a boar-bristle hairbrush for cleaning screens, a spatula for applying emulsion. These can all go in one of the rainbow drawers, but where do I put the flood light?

I am really excited about the stash of masking tape I found:

yay! tape!

So now that we've completed the craft box series, I'm looking around and I see some fabric and sewing things that don't yet have a home, and a collection of pre-fab projects that I don't know about keeping, and the "um, i don't know about this stuff" box which is a lot more full than it was a few days ago.

The miscellaneous things can go in a rainbow drawer, and the sewing things will have to wait until I can consult the sister and the pre-fab projects can go to the RUMMAGE SALE on Saturday.

And now I can go to happy hour.

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