Wednesday, June 2, 2010

she's crafty, she's always down


One of eight "craft" boxes, this one is full of beading supplies. Will it be quick? (SPOILER ALERT: no.)

one of eight

Ever since I got the rainbow drawers (times two), it's been easier to sort things like the things in this box.

really not beads at all

I followed the sister's lead and made a drawer for "glue and tape things" and that lead to a drawer for "sharp things" and one for "crayon things" and so on. That system is perfect for what I am doing right now. This means I can sort first and then decide what I want to keep. The only thing these drawers can't help me do is figure out where to put these four sculpting tools, as they cannot help me become a sculptress, nor can they help me find a place for 300 red-and-pink acrylic letters, as they cannot help me curb impulse purchases at the craft store.

Which is why I made an "um, i don't know about this stuff" box.

i am nothing if not an excellent procrastinator

But the beads. So many beads.

And because I am a klutz, some sorting is in order...

...twelve hours* later...

i went from boxes like this

to organization like this

Yes! Now I'm going to have to double-time the next batch of boxes, lest I languish in craftiness forever.

*(I stopped somewhere in there to make enchiladas and fall asleep watching a movie.)

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