Monday, September 28, 2009


Continuing Sub-Project: Papers now that Shredder has recovered, and I've actually gotten all the way to the end of the piles! This doesn't mean I am finished with this Sub-Project, but rather that the next step is to sort through the filing box itself and then file everything useful into it.

During today's excavation, scientists at Box Blog HQ enjoyed:

  • A notebook with nothing except lyrics to Johnny Cash songs, presumably from trying to learn them for the Halloween 2004 Coverup show.
  • Pages and pages of print-outs of advice for independent musicians from people like the founder of CD Baby. On the surface, this seems like a find, but since all the articles are from 2003 or earlier, I have serious doubts about how they would hold up in today's social network-dominated media atmosphere. Not that this current atmosphere is a bad thing! I have many excited thoughts on the subject that aren't really relevant to this project, just like these articles aren't relevant to the current media age.
  • A Polaroid of Eric Foreman, some guy, and a big-ass snake:

  • Tons of Immersion Composition Society stuff, including unopened compilations from other lodges. I suppose I was remiss in my duties as co-head of Urchin Lodge. They would be taking away my fuzzy hat right now if a) I had one and b) we had convened in the past five years. Sometimes I think about starting a new lodge here in Carson City. Then I get distracted by something shiny and forget the thought.
  • Oh wow. Several Passion Party catalogs. Glad I found these before someone else did; going through The Drawer should provide for an interesting project report. Are there places one can donate one's unused unwanted personal items? 
  • My PS2 manual! I don't need it, but finding it makes me happy.
  • This tracing of Emmit's hands, probably from 2005:

  • A postcard, from the Worst Case Scenario series, written to Mike Dineen but never sent. Since I found this near the 2003 Tour Diary, I'm guessing the "thanks" in question refers to that trip, but I guess we'll never know for sure:


  • An envelope labeled stickers y patches, obviously created during my life in San Antonio, containing some incredibly cool shit. Here's a sample:

  • And finally, this example of how a simple gesture and a few simple words can make a girl feel incredibly special and loved. This is what real men are made of:


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