Thursday, October 8, 2009

mostly headless fashion show

I'm not stalling, I'm hunting. For bookshelves, that is. And on a limited (i.e., unemployed) budget with no reliable transportation, that requires NASA-like coordination. The pieces are moving into position, and as soon as the shelves touch down in the blue room, I'm going to launch Sub-Project: Music, which really isn't going to be a very big deal or even be that interesting, I suspect.

[Hey, on a related note, how come I only just now heard the news that we are going to fire a rocket at the moon???]

So for tonight's installment of The Box Blog Project, and because the headless bridesmaid shot was such a hit, we're going to have a little fashion show. I ordered some clothes, which arrived IN A BOX, and I have to unpack them and decide which ones to keep and which ones to return. And you get to opine away in the comments! Interactive fun for everyone! It's like having a life-size Barbie, complete with giant boobs!

Let's do this.

hello, new box

Yes, these are Victoria's Secret clothes. No, I still don't have a boyfriend. Get off my ass.

pink punch v-neck sweater

cilantro henley sweater

pink saphire tee (with shirred sleeves)

persimmon squareneck sweater

sangria scoopneck sweater

cobalt henley blouse (with elbow-length sleeves)

black turtleneck sweater

Ok, give me a second? I need to change into comfy pants and a sweatshirt now. Thanks. That's much better.

Some thoughts:

  • Everyone needs a black turtleneck and I don't care what you say or how uncomfortable turtlenecks can be. It's iconic, and there are some days when you just go, damn, I wish I had a black turtleneck today. That's a day you'd be listening to the Smiths, for sure.
  • Believe me when I say that I would buy clothes with interesting patterns or cuts, if there were any clothes with interesting patterns or cuts for big boob girls that didn't resemble old lady bathing suits.
  • Clothes with buttons always seem so cute and fun until I put them on and realize that I am Kirstie Alley in Look Who's Talking ("I look like a Russ Meyer movie!")
The only definite "keepers" are the turtleneck, the squareneck (it's got really fun sleeves), and the blue henley. The pink tee must go back, as it is unflattering in that "short fat broad at the office" kind of way, and frankly, I'm better than that. The pink v-neck, the green henley, and the maroon scoopneck are all "maybes," which means I will keep them around until I run out of clean clothes and I'm cold, and I will put them on even if they're kind of frumpy.

By the way, guys, I've got plans with my parents this weekend, which means I may have to put The Project on hold until Monday. Oooh, unless the parents have things to unpack.


Anonymous said...

thumbs up to the pink v-neck and blue scoop neck. both very -ahem- flattering

Patrick said...

If you ever decide to persue a career in modeling, I would suggest using the sangria scoopneck sweater pic as a resume piece.

By the way, wasn't rocket ship tattoo on the other side?

jen scaffidi said...

very observant, patrick. the DSi has two camera modes, one that faces away from the photographer, and one that faces the photographer. The photog-facing one takes a mirror image. I don't know why!

Patrick said...

Another fun bit of information obtained through looking at boobs. IT'S GREAT TO LEARN!