Sunday, October 4, 2009

a mystery tub

Time to solve a Project mystery called "What's in this tub?"

I was right! It's full of warm-making things and jackets! Ooh, and other weirdness (like an unsucked vacuum-suck bag):


Two fleece ponchos with matching scarves and hats. Genie Foreman made them for Eric and I to wear to the Strawberry Festival. Amy says I should give them to Eric and Daisy as a wedding present. Instead, I think I will just ask him if they would like them or if I should donate them to the Salvation Army.

My dad's Navy peacoat, sadly in need of mending and buttons:

My Olympia Beer raincoat! Northern Nevada offers few opportunities to wear a raincoat; summer rainstorms are fleeting and refreshing while colder rainstorms require more substantial outerwear. I'm happy to find it anyway:

An Air Force-issue flight jacket. When I was packing up this tub (back in 2005), I asked Jim if he wanted it back or if I should donate it. He didn't want it, but then I couldn't bear to part with it. I think that's more about the "702 Records" patch sewn into the lining than anything else. It's a terribly awkward fit for me, as it is a man's jacket and I am not a man. eBay, maybe?

My prom dress, juniors size 11. Am I supposed to keep this? I have absolutely no use for it. Help:

My graduation robe. We'll probably think of a use for it as soon as it's gone, but I'm tossing it on the donation pile anyway. Along with the honor rope things. Is this a bad idea? Will I want this later?

This gem, purchased at Savers in 1997 for $3. It doesn't fit around my boobs anymore, so it's going into the donation pile and I'm sad. I found Ryan Hume's business card in the pocket, so that's kind of cool:

My bridesmaid gown from the Speelman wedding! I have been looking for this for several years. Now I have something to wear to the Lincoln Day Dinner in February! Except my boobs can't come. Apparently, they are the only thing that has grown since 2001:

Yes, I cropped out the mess around me, as well as my face: my hair is just not blog-worthy today. And I have low standards.


Snatchattractor said...

Oh, you know you always look pretty!

camille said...

This blog is rad Jen! I'm going through the exact same thing right now minus the online sharing. I can't wait to see how this unfolds! I expect many hilarious threads. Yes! pun intended.

jen scaffidi said...

Hi Camille! Thanks for the encouragement!

Syd said...

You might, in fact, be able to get a bit for an official Air Force flight jacket on eBay. If the prom dress is in good shape, donate or eBay it; if not (faded, etc.), maybe keep a scrap as a memento and pitch the rest, or see if a craft-y person might be interested in making a pillow out of it or something.

I dunno, I gave away all my prom dresses ages ago...

Ditch the graduation robe, keep the honors thingy and use it to trim the pillow made out of the prom dress (see how I'm thinking ahead? 0_o).

That's all I got. Except to congratulate you for keeping up with this!

jen scaffidi said...

Oooh, Syd, that's a great idea about the rope! I was already thinking of making a pillow... all that stuff is in a garbage bag, ready to be donated, but I may pull it out and go for it.

Knowing that someone else ditched their adolescent formal wear gives me permission to do so, too. Thanks for all the support!