Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a quick and dirty end

Phew! Just under the wire... Per the votes on Monday's post, I am definitely going to launch Music as the new Sub-Project, but I do want to finish this chest of drawers first. I may have another surprise box tomorrow (and maybe even the day after) before I really get into the Music thing. We'll see.

We're doing it quick and dirty tonight, though. I'm sleepy!

the last of the first

Well, crap. This is where I stashed the day planners from last week. I'm putting them with the notebooks for now, to review during Sub-Project: Am I Really Going to Read Everything I've Ever Written?

I'm excited to find my Windows XP master disk in here. Maybe now I can patch the Word problems I've been having.

And here we have an index card file FULL of band and friend contact information. What should I do with this? Obviously I need to go through it, but that sounds exhausting right now. On the other hand, there isn't a Sub-Project category I can shove this into... Ok, fine, I'm doing it...

please hold while I look at every one of these

That wasn't so bad: booker details for now-defunct clubs and friends' now-disconnected land line numbers. The only thing I lose by shredding them is the now-ex-wives' birthdays jotted next to the numbers.

Additional card file finds:

  • A med school business card for this guy, who I almost dated but didn't. He loaned me two books which I never returned. Jonathan, if you're reading this and you want your books back, please send me your address. And if I blew you off, I apologize. I figured you needed a girl who didn't fall down in high heels.
  • Contact information for a band named "Breakneck" with a note that reads "Amy met them when they opened for the Aquabats and she got their numbers." [Slut!]
  • Mat's number, under which I'd written "Mat needs help." Must've been before Pam came back into his life. He's doing just fine now.
  • And someone's number written on the back of this flyer, which I think is one of my best:

great band descriptions
(click to enlarge)

Everyone in this card file is currently connected to me through social networking. Except Jake Arcularius, and I have his phone number saved in my phone. So everything gets the shred!

Speaking of out-of-date, what do you think this is for?

antique technology

I also found a pre-amp tube for my Mesa Boogie and a 128MB memory stick which I just now remembered I found on the floor of the Passat after Jim sold it to me. I meant to give it back to him. I don't know if I have anything that can read it, but if I do and it's full of naked pictures, Jim, I'm totally posting them online as payback for selling me a car that blew up two days later...


J3SS said...

wow. ok: 1) I also have a book of jonathan's (how to lose your mind with the lights on) and I had completely and utterly lost track of him. thanks! 2) that is a rad flyer (flier?)

J3SS said...

oh yeah: 3) I have a working copy of the ms office suite in its entirety, if you find you need to reinstall

Amy said...

um it says i got their numbers not that i slept with them. and i have no memory of that at all.