Saturday, October 3, 2009

oooh, shiny

For the discerning or curious reader, here is a short photo series depicting last week's Sub-Project: Papers:




Fascinating, no? 


(But thank you anyway.)

Now today's box, which was covered in cat pee and full of beads and beading supplies and some weird dead bugs, now that's fascinating.

About five or six years ago, Amy and I were really into making our own jewelry. Lots of fun, plastic, shiny, sparkly, disposable stuff. I was expecting to find those supplies, but not the crapton of strange beads I found along with them. It looks like I may have inherited another aspiring beader's supplies, but I have no recollection of who or why. I checked with The Sister and she doesn't know either. I have this weird feeling that they may have belonged to Marianne, but I don't know where that feeling came from, so I'm ignoring it.

Regardless of the mini-mystery, this box is problematic, and indicative of why I started this project in the first place. Currently, I am not an active jewelry maker, though in theory it is still something I enjoy. Looking through the box, I see some charms and beads and a few doodads that inspire me to create something. Or, more accurately, to think about creating something.

But there's a pretty good chance that I won't act on that inspiration.

So do I keep the supplies somewhere accessible in the hopes I'll make use of them, or jettison them like so much other box-baggage?

Maybe beading can be the next thing I tackle. The Bead Blog Project? Meh. My tastes and skill tend to the childlike and, frankly, unmarketable.

But how about this: If I haven't made a necklace by the time it's time to do something with the garage sale / donation boxes, I'll include the beading supplies in the garage sale or donate them to someone who wants them.

I think that's called making a decdision and setting a goal.


oooh, shiny


J3SS said...

if they make it to the garage sale, I'll totally buy your bead supply (I'll actually make stuff out of them, too!)

Amy said...

ummm hello i still have beading things and plan to enjoy them once i can get around that table i put in the way. don't go tossing those items yet missy!

jen scaffidi said...

Which reminds me, Ames: in this bead-stuff pile, I've got your bead ring klutz book. So I guess the donate option would mean just moving them down the hall? Good to know! And Jess, you can come over and make stuff with my beads whenever you like.