Tuesday, October 6, 2009

postcards and death

Well, J3SS voted for Music and Rory voted for Kitchen (can't you guys ever agree on anything? geez.) and no one else voted, so I'm going to continue unpacking this plastic chest of drawers instead.

let's see what's in this one...

A package of blank Worst-Case Scenario postcards. I seem to have a lot of blank postcards and stationary. Does anyone send snail mail anymore?

An envelope full of hand-colored Natalie Dee valentines. I paid extra for the hand-coloring and I ordered two sets, the regular and the "explicit." These are from the "regular" set:

these are the nice ones
(click to enlarge)

Just for fun, tonight I will give PKD the one from the "explicit" set featuring the World Trade Center towers. The tower on the left has a fireball blowing out one side and a boner on the other. Stick figure people jump from the explosion. The caption reads "I'm falling for you" above a heart-shaped background. It's just about the most offensive thing ever. He should love it. (And be very confused.)

This little notebook The Redhead's mom gave me for our first and ultimately only Christmas together. I decided to use it to chronicle the track listing of every mix tape I made. A cool idea, but it looks like I stopped making mixes in 2004... when everyone I know finally stopped having tape decks. True confession: I've never made a cd mix. I've made a few playlists, but I've never burned a mix cd for someone. It's never had the appeal of sitting down in front of the stereo on a Friday night and spreading all my albums all over the floor and planning the tape the way I used to plan my radio show: on the fly. Has anyone else experienced this, or am I the only homo analogous to fail to adapt?

A notebook of Eric Foreman's. Whoops! Looks like homework from 2005. I flipped through the pages only long enough to ascertain that it's all his handwriting (sometimes we shared notebooks). It's with the other stuff I have to return to you, sir. (No, you're not getting your Elvis Costello record back. There's a larger principle at stake there.)

Another notebook full of set lists. Normally this isn't a find, except I happened to see "Pin a Star on Me" on one of the lists. I'd forgotten all about this song, even though it was one of my favorite things The Spark ever did. And I don't have a recording of it. Sad.

Speaking of postcards and the WTC, why do I have three each of all these?





I must be in the postcard drawer (2003), because I just found a stack of The Spark postcards. That's an original Andy Dicus drawing there. If you're really hip, you already have the shirt.


Ooops. I spoke too soon. I just found a Badtz-Maru address book (remember address books?) from 2000. When Maggie's last name was still "Furtsnau," the Gateses lived on Milke Way, my paternal grandma was still alive, and I was the kind of person who took addresses of old ladies I met while canvassing so I could send them letters. Before MySpace, I guess.

Badzt-Maru, my favorite penguin

A photo of Jimmy Speelman totally kicking my ass:

I'm sure I started this fight

And, the final thing in this drawer tonight: the very first spider (albeit dead) of The Project! Cool!

dead spider

Tomorrow, drawer number three. Unless we get two people to vote for the same Sub-Project... ahem.


Rory Dowd said...

Damn you, Jessica!!!! ;-)

Keep goin' with the plastic chest of drawers - your postcard fetish and notebook hoarding (cause I NEVER keep half filled notebooks) is interesting.

And speaking of 'the T-Shirt that Andy drew'; I'm actually wearing mine now!

J3SS said...

oh, rory~o. don't you know we'll never get along? :) saw a tank top yesterday and thought of you: "I'm a 10 (in Reno)" haha! somewhat relevant: there's a worst case scenario trivia game avail for my phone. almost bought it, couldn't justify eight bucks for something I'd likely play alone..and now that I've totally railroaded the comments, miss jen: woo for fun stationery! I totally send snailmail to my grandparents. my grandmother has lost her mind (no, really) and I think it helps to send physical objects to her, rather than the ephemeral and easily forgotten emails...plus, I still send physical cards for fathers'/mothers' day. :)

jen scaffidi said...

Way to represent, Rory!