Monday, October 5, 2009

you have a decision to make... for me

Since I've had other projects on my mind this week (finishing the BLUNDERBUSST album, revamping the Carson City Republican Central Committee website) I've been looking for easy tasks here, and frankly, there aren't any more. It's time to give serious consideration to what things are going to have to get gone. One of my goals here is to end with "everything in its place," and there isn't enough room to put everything anywhere other than where it already is.

I thought now might be a good time to approach Sub-Project: Music because I have recently broken up with iTunes and am getting to know Winamp and it makes sense to rip a bunch of albums to my 750G hard drive so I have things to listen to while I unpack and repack and etc, ad nasueum.

Plus, if I'm going to unpack my books onto the bookshelves, then I have to take the cds off the shelves first.

Then, with the books out of boxes and the book boxes out of the closet, I'd have room to pack up these trophies and I'd have a place to put this box of purses and I could stash all these knickknacks and... see? There are things that I might need to exile from my life and storage space.

On the other hand, the organizing and ripping of my music collection might be boring to read about, and might inch too close to music blog territory.

But if I don't tackle Sub-Project: Music next, then I'm going to have to do something else major, like Sub-Project: Old Toys in the Closet or Sub-Project: What Is All This Kitchen Shit Anyway?

So tonight, I am unpacking this drawer and then giving you, new-found readership, a chance to vote with your comments on the near future of the project.

So first!

This drawer is one of twelve, four sets of three plastic "storage solutions" that have collected bugs and dust and crap for a decade.

what will we find inside?

Ha. What's funny here is that the postcard on top is the same one I unpacked from a different box a little over a week ago. It was on top of the notebooks I found the same day. What's up, lazy ass?

Moving on, The Sister purchased this paper accordion for me during a trip to Chinatown in 2002. It makes two of the most hideous sounds you have ever heard: in-out, in-out, hee-haw, hee-haw. And that's all it does. We said at the time that if you bought one for your kid, by the time the trolley brought you back home to the Tenderknob, you would have choked her with it. I'm putting it with the other "musical" instruments where it belongs.

instrument of music or torture?

Here we have several used printer cartridges, which I saved because I knew I could donate them to a good cause and because of this project, I will! (The cell phone donation bags unearthed this day are also good for ink cartridges.)

More sparklers? Does it say something unpleasant about me that I find something explosable in one of every five boxes I open?

This appears to be a door hanger of some kind. I'll bet The Sister made it for me. Lately, not, like, when she was a child or anything. I am going to hang it on her doorknob while she is sleeping and see if she notices. (So far, she has not woken up to see it, so I'd rate this mission a success.)

such style and taste

Oh man. Bert and Ernie PEZ dispensers? Still in the package? So cool! I am putting them in the candy dish to be used as Hanukkah gelt this year. I feel pretty good about that.

This basketball minifig Lego watch is going in there, too. It's pretty rad, but I don't think I'll wear it, orange and blue tiles notwithstanding.

yeah, my house is pretty rad

Score! One Audio-Technica replacement phonograph cartridge. This could belong to my new (unopened) record player, Eric's record player, or my old San Antonio record player. I'm hanging on to it in case I need it, but if you're hurting for one, make me an offer and I'll be happy to help you.

Pushpins! And blank mailing labels! Oh happy day!

This fan, acquired during the previously mentioned trip to Chinatown, is one of my favorite decorative things. I love the colors. I thought it was crushed and dirty somewhere, but it's not. And I'm glad.


A handcrafted miniature rainbow flag? Um?

i care enough about civil rights to make my own flag

At the bottom of the drawer we have several band posters (which we will certainly address during Sub-Project: Posters and Flyers), the manual for my guitar processor, a book of tablature from my lessons with Eric Stangland (cool), and this, in my mom's handwriting, outlining no house of hers I've ever seen:

these are the things that make me say "why?"

Now, which sub-project should I tackle next?


Amy said...

my bet is i made that door hanger during my time at morning latchkey. throw it away!

J3SS said...

I think it might say some *pleasant* about you that there are explosives stashed about hither and tither. ripping vast amounts of music can be tedious, but when I did the digital overhaul, it was actually kind of interesting to see where my musical interest had traveled. just remember to tag everything as it goes in! metadata is important! I love musicbrainz for this if you find a ton of unlabelled stuff in your digital collection, though...and if this turns into a music blog for a couple of days, so what?

Syd said...

I vote for either the music (ditto J3SS's reasoning) or the toys. Mostly because I look at my own kitchen, realize just how long it's been since I did a serious sort/reorganize in there (like, maybe, 1992 or -3, after my mom died)...and suddenly the whole concept of kitchens gives me the heeby-jeebies.


Patrick said...

My vote is music. I like music.