Tuesday, January 12, 2010

avoidance and accomplishment

It seems I am avoiding the northeast quadrant of the blue room. And it's too icy and windy for car work today. So I am cleaning my room. Again.



My closet is "organized" using a plastic box system. I long ago realized that I am not great at laundry: I let the dirty clothes pile up and I don't put them away once they're clean, so the closest I've been able to come to a solution is to throw everything into tubs and hope for the best. I have a tub for socks, one for sweaters, one for pants, and so on. The only thing I hang up are shirts and dresses. And I rarely do that until I need the laundry baskets for washing dirty clothes. I'd like to get better at this laundry thing. Tips?

In non-laundry-related news, I've taken a major step in here: I've contemplated unpacking the record player. You may remember, back when I unearthed the big-ass TV (the last time I had a laundry problem), that I've had a record player ready for use for about a year and a half. When Rocket-Twin Jim was here in December, he chastised me about many things, and offered some solutions to my ennui that I have taken to heart (so yeah, I'm on OK Cupid now, too). While I'm not sure I'm ready for the emotional onslaught that could result from unpacking my records, I am, at least, one step closer to my old self:

one step closer

Back in October, I took the stereo apart to make room for the TV, so I am also preparing to put it back together:

i suspect the bi-plane wallpaper really kills the romance here

Which is actually kind of a drag since that's where I've been keeping my laptop while I type. And Strummer does not like when I jostle the bed while he's sleeping:

"I am displeased with you, human."

Yes, I found more fireworks cleaning my room today. I really hope that's the last of them.

I've also got a fair amount of Christmas-related snacks. Maybe now that my room is clean, I can invite people in here to share them.


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I really dig the airplane wallpaper!

Patrick said...

Aviation is sexy!

jen scaffidi said...

You guys are a riot. Thanks for being rad.