Thursday, January 14, 2010

one box a day, almost

Yes, it's true. I blew you off yesterday.

To catch you up on the life stuff, J3SS and I spent one more day working on my car, only to discover that the spark plug wells are full of old gross oil. For those of you even less automotively inclined than I am, let me just say: this is bad. Like, potentially scrap-heap bad. Like, consult with the family mechanic for recommendations bad.

Also, kitty is still alive and kicking (literally, as in, tiny dog out of his room). That situation evolves slowly, and a few days at a time.

But on to the reason we're all here. Boxes!

(Damn it.)

The idea behind this project was to deal with one box each day until everything had a home (even if that home was in the trash). If you've been following along, you know that it's gotten difficult to achieve this with the lack of storage space and the increase in life stuff. I'm still trying to do some small things to make small room until I either acquire some more shelves or give up and leave every remaining box on the curb.

(Hmmm... I have some extra money due to the lack of car fixable-ness. Perhaps I will use it to acquire some new shelves tomorrow...)

In any case, tonight I:

  • Moved items from the old utility drawer to the new one (I fully expect to change my mind about the "tools and etc" drawer three or four more times).
  • Accepted that my Dremel, a gift from my folks' old second-hand store, is missing most of the bits, and therefore needs to go out with the donation stuff.
  • Put every portable casette- and cd-playing device into the old utility drawer.
  • Stacked last week's empty plastic drawers onto the boxes and boxes of cassettes from October.
  • Wondered if The Sister and The Hebrew-in-Law are annoyed by all the banging around in the blue room.
  • Separated out the boxes of "things that will go on shelves, if I get shelves tomorrow;" i.e., photo albums, music books, and the like.
  • Made myself bleed by sliding a milk crate into my thumb.
  • Put a small box of stuffed animals (and bonus "display?" weirdness) with the "display?" pile.
  • Stood around with the Polaroid for a while until I gave up on finding it a home and just put it on the desk.
  • Realized that I have a decent, important, and quick project in a three-drawer desk organizer box thing.
  • Separated out the "sentimementalos" boxes into their own pile.
  • Wondered if I should sell my Boss GT-3 or my Mackie 1202-VLZ.
  • Discovered that I am really just about to be ready to getting back to the whole "one box a day" idea.
Just about.


Snatchattractor said...

How much for the GT-3? Or the Mackie for that matter.

Amy said...

do you have any bits for your dremel? how did you loose them and do you have the key? someone last mine!

jen scaffidi said...

Snatchattractor, see your email for details.

Amy, it's on the dining room table. Feel free to cannibalize as needed. I think there is only one bit. I used it to drill holes in a jar lid to trap those effing fruit flies, remember? Anyway, it's all yours.