Saturday, January 16, 2010

for reals! a box!

Despite the fact that this is the time of year when I only want to hibernate or watch reruns of CSI, today I am committed to doing something real with the project. Let's do this box:

an actual box!

The box in question isn't labeled, but it's dusty and not taped shut, so I suspect it is something that's been floating around for a while.

contents of an actual box!
Wow. Ok. Awards and trophies and other things from high school. I wonder what is under this newspaper...

Awards from junior high school. A box of pins commemorating my many scholastic achievements. And one plastic Aviator Grover figurine.


If this is something I'm supposed to remember, please tell me now. Otherwise, Grover is headed for Donationland.

a highly decorated...dork

So this begs the questions: what do we do with our childhood awards? Are these things to keep or toss? Box or display?

Since it's nearby, I'm consolidating these treasures with some others that were unearthed on a previous day. Here's the total loot:

grand prize science fair, thank you

If you're curious, we're looking at Best Actress in a Musical trophies, science fair awards, Academic League championships, and a plaque commemorating my win in the Fourth Grade Fire Prevention Poster Contest.

I know there are several other awards lurking in boxes and piles in this room, so I think the best course of action is to keep them all in one place. Like the garbage? I dunno. Thoughts?

In the end, I've opted to display the trophies on my desk and stash the plaques and ribbons on the "display?" pile, until I reach that pile (lucky for me, it's gonna be the second to last thing to reach) and can decide what to do with all this recognition.

for now

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Patrick said...

I only won one award in high school (third place dramatic interpretation in speach and debate) and I never actually got the trophy. I wish I had so I could show it off. I vote keep 'em and display 'em.