Friday, January 8, 2010

is that weird smell me?

I don't think I even brushed my teeth today. Sleep is still an elusive bitch, so I allowed myself to stay in bed until the sun started to go down. Then I sat in the living room with The Sister and stared at the kitty for several hours. Now I'm doing this, and then I will get back in the bed and hope that the Sandman pays me a visit.

Keeping my word from yesterday, I cleared out three of the four boxes from the under-desk. That's everything except the box of discs, because I still have no idea what to do with those.

I also pulled out the three boxes that were hiding in the corner next to the desk, and I found:

three boxes

  • Eyeglasses with a circa 2002 prescription (donate).
  • Pattern paper for the generic Lite-Brite I just donated (garbage).
  • A possibly broken flashlight (garbage).
  • A really nice Sabine metronome (away with the music things).
  • The Walkman Jim sent me when I lived in Davis, with which I learned all about The Clash, Rudimentary Peni, and The Replacements (away with the cassettes).
  • The stereo from the Jeep I crashed in 2002 (donate).
  • More freaking fireworks (away with the fireworks)!
  • A superfluous modem (donate).
  • Some guitar strings, bore oil (useful for cleaning up dirty fretboards), and a plastic whistle (away with the music things).
  • Two index card filing containers (away, for now, with the other empty containers).
  • A stainless steel business card holder my dad made for me when I started my grown-up job at HSI or Beller (away with the knick-knacks).
  • And a pencil holder The Sister made for me during her time at Morning Latch Key (as a teacher, not a student), which, after showing her, I can now not bear to discard (away with the empty containers):


This means I have cleared out technically six boxes tonight, which is more than ever I would've thought I could.

Now, in this new year, I have been thinking about only box blogging on the weekdays. Sometimes those weekend days can get away from a person, even a person who has a free day every day. Tomorrow I have a friend coming to hopefully get my car running again, and that will likely be an all-day project. If not, I think I'll start in the northeast quadrant and see what happens.


J3SS said...

if those are really 5.25" and not 3.25 floppies, I think we should build a fort.

jen scaffidi said...

sonofabitch. they are totally 3.5" discs. i mistaked it two days in a row.